7 Weird Laws in Oklahoma

There’s no question that Oklahoma is a great place to call your home.  The state brings Midwest flavor to modern times and for those who’ve long called the state home and for new transplants, the feeling is quite nice. You’ll find the state perfect to open a new business as well. Many people find office space oklahoma city reasonably priced and fun. But, what we cannot deny is the fact that the state has some pretty stupid laws in place, whether or not common law follows them. Read below to learn 7 of the weird laws in Oklahoma before you browse for your new office space.

1.    In Tulsa, it is illegal to boil, fry, heat, or dry skunks. Now, we’re still unsure why anyone would want to do this but trust that it is a law for good reason.

2.    Don’t make plans to go casket-tipping once your new office opens in Oklahoma City. It’s against the law, partner.

3.    Do you have your pajamas ready? Let’s hope you change out of the work clothes and take off your work boots. If not, you’re committing a crime since it is illegal to wear boots to bed in the state.

4.    Don’t head downtown OKC to eat a hamburger while walking backwards. You guessed it. This is another one of those illegal activities in the state.

5.    Making an ‘ugly face’ at a dog may not get you thrown into the slammer but it will get you a fine, according to the Oklahoma law that forbids this.

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6.    In Hawthorne, it is against the law to put a person who’s under hypnosis on display in a window. The more that you know, right?

7.    Who doesn’t love a good stink bomb to prank a friend? People in OKC, that’s who. Stink bombs are illegal here!